Paula 19

January 29, 2024
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Paula 19

"I have never previously experienced a mental health issue before. Since working together, my depression and anxiety has vastly reduced; my overall mood is far better and I feel more like my normal self. Paula has helped me to identify and articulate this in order to address the issues and the root cause (work) and I now feel more informed and confident in myself and my abilities to handle those issues, emotions and the negative thoughts; so that I can spot them when they arise and use the tools and techniques I have learned, before they take me down".



"I wasn’t sure what to expect at first. How could I explain what I was experiencing when I couldn’t explain or say it to myself or those closest to me? It was certainly not easy for me and it took time – I had to be patient with myself! It wasn’t a case of waving a magic wand; but, having worked through all the different aspects that bought me to this point in my life, and getting the tools, techniques and knowledge to help me understand what bought me to Paula, I now feel I am able to handle those emotions, thoughts, feelings and challenges. I also now know why I was no longer able to ride those setbacks and difficulties that previously never caused me a concern".

"I value the independent, non-judgemental ear and non-critical voice of reason and guidance. I am certain that I could not have come through this period without the help Paula has given me". Thank you.