Paula 13

October 28, 2017
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Paula 13

"I have suffered with anxiety and OCD for most of my adult life, but have always just accepted “ this is how I am”.  It was only when a friend recommended Cognitive Behavioural Therapy that I decided I had nothing to lose - I didn’t realise then that it would be one of the best decisions I ever made!  CBT is a great way to help overcome anxiety because while Paula taught me the techniques and gave me the tools to tackle my anxiety, ultimately I had to put what I’d learnt into practice - it empowered ME to make the positive changes to my life.  Paula helped me to finally see that the way my brain works isn’t “stupid” or something I just have to live with; I can challenge the way I think and improve my life so that I control my anxiety, not the other way round!  The CBT was so successful that I made the decision to tackle my fear of flying; with help from Paula and CBT techniques, I have just taken my first flight in 17 years!  This was something I never would’ve imagined I could overcome before I started CBT, and so I can truly say CBT has been life-changing for me.  I would recommended CBT and Paula to absolutely anyone."

Counsellor: Paula / October 2017

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