Paula is a fantastic therapist and has really helped me to get back on track.  Her skills and knowing which resources to call upon to help the discussion are excellent and the exercises she did with me enabled me to make changes to my lifestyle which have helped immensely with my mental well-being.  I still call on those resources now that our sessions have ended and they are serving me well.

The sessions online were brilliant and enabled me to continue through the Covid 19 pandemic.  This help was invaluable at a time of great change which led to increased stress and pressure on my well-being.  I’d highly recommend her services to everyone as I know she can help with anything at all.  Don’t hesitate to contact her if you’re struggling as it can be life changing for you as it was for me.

This experience has been really eye-opening for me and has given me a great platform and the skills to reflect and improve my mood and the direction of my life.  Gaynor was always very understanding and so helpful.  She helped me see and understand things I have never before.

I was apprehensive before starting therapy but I needn’t have been, I’ve found Paula to have an understanding and empathetic manner and to be very easy to talk to. Paula is always ready to listen, offer a kind word, useful advice, encouragement or to challenge and debate ideas with me when needed. I look forward to my sessions and always walk out feeling like a weight has been lifted. I have never thought myself to be the type of person to open up to a ‘therapist’ but Paula creates a comfortable and relaxed environment, in which I never feel judged. In short Paula has (literally) been a life saver for me and I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Rating of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Depression:

Paula takes her professional development very seriously. Her skill set, communication tools and styles are comprehensive; this enabled Paula to always present the item in discussion in several ways thus enabling me to understand. Paula seemed to easily click with me and my emotions and thought process. She was amazing to work with
Thank you Paula

Excellent service and thanks for helping me with everything so far. I have been 100% better since using Tailored Counselling. They sit and listen and don't judge then give you goals to work towards each week. Give them a go if u need any help. There's no shame in asking for the help.

I felt at ease with Paula right from the start of our sessions. She is a good listener as well as offering sound and helpful advice. At no time did I feel rushed or that Paula was `clock watching`. I came to Paula rather late in my illness, whilst waiting for an NHS appointment, so I think the worst of my problem was subsiding by the time I saw her. To sum up I found her a very empathetic person and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone I knew who was having similar problems to myself.

Paula helped me a lot and has given me some tools to help me with my anxiety. She is the first therapist I have met who I felt understood my problems, thank you.

What has changed for you since we worked together?

I have never previously experienced a mental health issue before. Since working together, my depression and anxiety has vastly reduced; my overall mood is far better and I feel more like my normal self. Paula has helped me to identify and articulate this in order to address the issues and the root cause (work) and I now feel more informed and confident in myself and my abilities to handle those issues, emotions and the negative thoughts; so that I can spot them when they arise and use the tools and techniques I have learned, before they take me down.

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I wasn’t sure what to expect at first. How could I explain what I was experiencing when I couldn’t explain or say it to myself or those closest to me? It was certainly not easy for me and it took time – I had to be patient with myself! It wasn’t a case of waving a magic wand; but, having worked through all the different aspects that bought me to this point in my life, and getting the tools, techniques and knowledge to help me understand what bought me to Paula, I now feel I am able to handle those emotions, thoughts, feelings and challenges. I also now know why I was no longer able to ride those setbacks and difficulties that previously never caused me a concern.

I value the independent, non-judgmental ear and non-critical voice of reason and guidance. I am certain that I could not have come through this period without the help Paula has given me. Thank you.

'Paula has given me the techniques, understanding and confidence to manage my anxiety and underlying faulty thought patterns. Although I had a rudimentary understanding of the various CBT techniques from reading books; I lacked the confidence and direction to apply these in a sustained basis. I found that working with a therapist/Paula was like having a coach that could guide me.

Provided a layered approach to tackle and unbundle what was troubling me. The initial key was to realise that avoiding, suppressing or trying to neutralise my intrusive thoughts was counter-productive. I was given techniques to help me face and be with my anxiety, this being the behavioural part of my therapy. From there the next step was to unravel and challenge what was driving my faulty beliefs and assumptions that were driving the anxiety – the cogs that kept it going.

I would recommend to anyone who is being troubled by intrusive thoughts to make an appointment and not be embarrassed. This was my initial worry as my thoughts were quite bizarre and disturbing; yet I encountered a totally accepting environment.

Remember that the hard work has to be done by yourself and there is no ‘quick fix’. Accept that there will be setbacks but keep with the practise and don’t give up and eventually you can experience change'.


'Counselling helped me understand what the underlying issues were and why they were happening.  The ways to deal with the issues were particularly helpful for when similar issues arise in the future'.

'I didn't believe talking to somebody would help so much.  Never been a believer in therapy now i am a big believer'.

Paula helped me to think clearer and in different ways of an outcome and to discuss something in detail.  I am very happy with the tools I have taken away- Date stamp a situation and talking about situations, understanding why I feel or felt the way I did and understanding that my feelings were ok and was normal to feel the way I did.

Paula takes her professional development very seriously.  Her skill set, communication tools and styles are comprehensive; this enabled Paula to always present the item in discussion in several ways thus enabling me to understand.  Paula seemed to easily click with me and my emotions and thought process.  She was amazing to work with

Thank you Paula